HIPAD Public Lecture series

The Horn Institute for Peace and Development (HIPAD) organized a public lecture discussion of How Debt Relief Works on the 24th of September  2020 at Safari Apartments, Mogadishu, Somalia.

The discussion began with the welcoming address by Mr. Hassan Mudane, Associate Director of HIPAD. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Mudane points out that HIPAD Public Lecture Series strives to bring together stakeholders and key institutional actors to cooperate in tackling poverty, ignorance, rule of law and human rights violation challenges.

Dr. Elmi M Nur (PhD), Member of The parliamentary committee of finance, budget and planning of Somalia’s Federal Parliament, in his lecture presentation stated that “Somalia is expected to reach its HIPAC Completion point by 31st March 2023 or earlier and receive the remainder of the debt reduction.” He also noted that “Debt relief will help Somalia make lasting change for its people by allowing its debt to be irrevocably reduced from US$5.2 billion at end-2018 to US$557 million… once it reaches the HIPC Completion Point in about three years’ time.”

Dr. Elmi M Nur

The lecture discussion is covered important aspects around the Details of the Debt Relief Operation. In short, the following topics were covered:

  • Definitions of Important Terms
  • Historical Background of Debt Relief
  • Debt Relief Process

The main intent of the HIPAD Public Lecture Series was to ensure that the attendees received as much information and guidance as possible to maximize their chances of success. It allowed attendees to get their questions and concerns answered by the guest-speaker, Dr. Elmi M Nur. The feedback was extremely positive as the participants felt the lecture added to their knowledge. They expressed the desire for such public lecture to be more frequent.

In the interactive lecture

The public lecture were attended by a total of 19 participants. They were journalists, researchers, academia and other media and communication workers.


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