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Faallaynta Buugga The Road to Zero: Somalia’s Self-Destruction

Buuggan magaciisa la dhaho “The Road to Zero: Somalia’s Self-Destruction” ee uu qoray danjire Maxamed Cusmaan Cumar waa buug heer …


HIPAD is a think tank that contributes to the attainment of multidisciplinary creative solutions for a stable and prosperous Somalia that is at peace with itself, the region and the world at large; a country that embraces democracy and political pluralism through peaceful means. A group of Somali intellectuals established HIPAD to fill the capacity deficiency and formulate policies that effectively respond to the various challenges of the post-conflict reconstruction of Somalia

Latest Policy Briefs

Debt Relief for Somalia

Introduction   Somalia is a post-conflict state showing steady economic growth. The country is facing pressing macroeconomic challenges, including: a high unemployment rate; massive inflation

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Somalia-China Relations

China –the most populous, second-largest economy in the world and among the top five most militarized countries in the world are located in Southeast Asia,

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Situational Analysis
The Federal Government of Somalia’s Position toward the UN SRSG:
Reactions from Parties and Future Implications
On Tuesday, January 1, 2019, a statement by the foreign ministry of the Federal Government of Somalia declared Mr. Nicholas Fink Haysom, the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, persona non grata. In diplomatic terms, this “persona non grata” declaration simply means that Mr.lIaysom is unwelcome in the territory of Somalia because of his undiplomatic conduct in words or actions. This declaration was a response to a letter from Haysom to the Somali government in which he demanded an explanation of the legality and manner in which the government arrested a supposedly reformed former deputy leader of al-Shabaab, Mr. Mukhtar Robow, who was a main contender for the regional presidency in the South West State elections.’ The Somali government banned Mr. Robow from running, but the South West State electoral body approved his candidacy. According to Somalia’s envoy to the UN, Ambassador AbukarDahir Osman, Mr. Robow ” cannot assume leadership positions without going through a stringent, established rehabilitation program.”