Social Media Training: Conflict Management in Post-Conflict and Fragile State of Somalia

Social Media training

Horn Institute for Peace and Development is an independent think tank specializing in public policy research, analysis and public engagement. It contributes to the attainment of multidisciplinary creative solutions for a stable and prosperous Somalia that is at peace with itself, the region and the world at large; a country that embraces democracy and political pluralism through peaceful means.

Horn Institute for Peace and Development will offer a practical training course on ‘social media: Conflict Management in Post-Conflict and Fragile State in Somalia.’ The training will be offered in the 3rd week of February, 2021.

  • The training is a combination of 11 lectures and one practical activity
  • The lectures will be offered both in Somali and English
  • Candidates will be selected on their merit and profile
  • There is a 100% attendance requirement for the practical activity
  • Participation fee is $15
  • Only 25 candidates will be selected for the training
  • Interested candidates should email their updated CV, cover letter, in one PDF, to
  • Deadline for application: 12 February, 2021


What is social media, and how can it help your business? Or understanding conflict management in fragile states? With this training, you’ll explore these questions and more. You’ll find out why social media skills are becoming essential for all kinds of organizations, as well as some of the ways you can use them. You’ll explore how you can use social media to create and develop your brand, as well as some of the tools that can help as you do so.

To help you get started with your interest of understanding social media, you’ll learn about some of the fundamentals needed to run an effective business or get some overview about the role of social media in conflict resolution in the context of fragile states. As well as looking at examples of different social media channels, you’ll explore some top tips for using them and how to measure success. You’ll also learn about some of the social media management tools that can help you succeed.


Day one:

Understanding Social media

The Evolution of Social Media: How did it begin?

Social media and conflict management

Day two:

 Social media Literacy

The Impacts of Social Media: Pros and Cons

Social media and Peace-building

 Day three:  

Verifying Fake Information

How to avoid hatred posts

Media and fragile states

Day four:

Social media as a business tool

Social media and conflict in Somalia



This training is for those seeking to develop their skills in social media for understanding conflict management and peace-building, and business as well. If you’re preparing to enter the workplace or looking to change careers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about social media management. No prior experience or qualifications required.


By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Explain what social media is
  • Describe how it can be used to build a brand
  • Explain tips for messaging
  • Identify social media channels and management tools
  • Understand media and fragile states
  • Learn how to verify fake information
  • Conflict management and peace-building



We are looking for:

  • Candidates who have interest in learning social media and conflict management in post-conflict and fragile states
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Fluency in Somali and English languages
  • Passion to learn social media management tools and its different channels.



If you are interested in the training programme, send us your application letter and resume or CV, in one PDF, to


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