Youth, Politics and Change

HIPAD Public lecture

The Horn Institute for Peace and Development (HIPAD) organized a public lecture discussion of Youth, Politics and Change on the 17th of December 2020 at Safari Apartment, Mogadishu, Somalia.

The discussion began with welcoming remarks by Mr. Hassan Mudane, Associate Director at HIPAD. In his opening remarks, Mr. Mudane noted the Somali youth’s potential as agents of political change. Put it another way, he stated that “Our young people now and in the future will play a big role in how our government adapts to the following challenges:

1. Poverty and Unemployment

2. Radicalism

3. When our youth do make positive contributions to change in our community, their efforts may go unrecognized, or be undervalued.

With youth comes energy, innovation, and optimism – if there are supportive environments and opportunities. These lay the ground for major positive contributions by youth, and a demographic dividend for our country.” Additionally, he points out that HIPAD Public Lecture Programme prepares its stakeholders for life experiences.

The guest-speaker

Mr. Daacad Mathoobe, Resource Person at Global Development Center (GDC), RIS India. In his lecture presentation delivered a motivating and inspiring remark, underscoring to participants that they are part of something much larger than themselves and that they are here to create a better and brighter future… that it’s not just about winning, but about learning and professional readiness, and that with the skills they are about to learn, they can be agents of social change from now on, not just this once. He also suggests that “Let’s not wait for another tragedy to empower our youth to make a difference. In a confusing world of exponential change, it’s more important than ever for our youth to develop the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence–agency plus capability–for political change-making.”

“We are stronger if we come together on all issues, not just politics but motivation and inspiration, we show up for each other,” added Daacad. To Somali youth, Daacad says, “It’s never too early to get involved in politics. We see from some MPs in the regional parliaments, a great example of young people that have a lot to say.”

The lecture is covered important aspects around the details of youth activism and social transformation. In short, the following topics were covered:

  • Somali politics in general
  • Political participation and activism
  • Social change
  • Is there a way forward

The main aim of the HIPAD Public Lecture Programme was to ensure that the attendees received as much information and guidance as possible to maximize their chances of success. It allowed participants to get their questions and concerns answered by the guest speakers. The feedback was extremely positive as the attendees felt the lecture added to their knowledge. They expressed the desire for such a public lecture to be more frequent.

The interactive lecture

The Public lecture was attended by a total of 27 participants. They were youth activists, researchers, journalists, academics and students.

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